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Jul 18, 2011 5:00am EDT
have enough time to act. >> there's enough time to get something big done. the president made it clear he wants to do something substantial. >> the house will vote on tuesday on the republican- backed measure, but the proposal would drastically cut spending and rule out new taxes, and it's not expected to pass the senate. >>> time for the latest your money report in the morning. >> jess is here. >> fingers crossed for today. it was a rough week last week. a lot of it because of what mike was talking about, the debt problems in the u.s. and europe, overshadowing the strong corporate profits. last week the market dropped 2%. that was the worst week in nearly a year, but friday was not horrible. the dow standing at 12479, adding 42 points in trading on friday. the nasdaq up by 27 points, up 1%, and the s&p 500 up by about 7. it will be a fairly light week on tap for economic data. still wall street will be a wash in the corporate news this week. in total, more than a fifth of the s&p 500 companies, and half the 30 member dow jones industrial market will report their profits, including mcd
Jul 20, 2011 5:00am EDT
ailments. 95 at 5:00 highs today 96, maybe 97 like yesterday. right now, 77 degrees. sun is up at 5:59. big storms, mike and andrea talking about. this is 8:45. st. mary's into charleston, southern calvert being pounded there. that mooed out. new storms formed in many of the areas late last night. but this morning, it is all quiet and it is all sticky. we're down to 77. feels like it is in the low 80s. 72 fredericksburg and on the bay at the naval academy, good morning. midshipmen. 76 degrees for you. angie goff steps in with a lot to tell you about. >> thank you, hb. we're starting off the 5:00 hour with the yellow light as an drea and -- as andrea and mike mentioned. let's take a look live to the scene. this is in arlington, virginia. north glebe road currently closed down at washington boulevard. police are investigating an accident that happened a couple of hours ago. it involves a police cruiser. actually, the cruiser itself, very badly damaged, the whole front end peeled off. it involves also another driver as you can imagine, 15th street to north utah to fairfax to north glebe. that
Jul 15, 2011 5:00am EDT
theater in northwest waiting for the fans to come out. >> yep, that's the series wrapping up. big developments. >> we'll see how many thumbs up or whatevers for that movie. >>> well, after daybreak investigators will take a closer look at what caused overnight fire at holy cross boulevard. people reported smoke last night. a rescue unit in the e. r. area checked and found a fire on the outside of the building apparently from an air- conditioning unit. but some of the smoke was being sucked inside. patients in the labor and delivery suites which is on the third floor were safely relocated. >> the third floor area that was most affected was the labor and delivery area where they did have patients. the hospital staff immediately began removing those parents to an area of -- patients to an area of safe refuge in the hospital. >> firefighter also ventilated the smoke before they had to interrupt any of the surgeries going on in the labor delivery area. extra crews responded to the scene just in case but they were to avoid having to evacuate patients. >>> a district of columbia police o
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3